The future of our category

We believe in four strategic
drivers to unlock growth
pharmacy of the future
preventive care

The pharmacy of the future

Food has a huge impact on peoples' health and vitality. It’s an important element in preventive care. There’s a world of opportunity where food meets health. Consumers want to age healthily. Convenient fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices offer them functional health. This means a certain product will help them for a specific problem, E.g. weight loss, energizing, detoxing, etc. In some countries, these type of products are covered under health insurance.

Healthy cold pressed juice

healthy indulgence

Consumers search for flavourful, surprising and luxury products. Products to treat or reward themselves. Offering guilt-free products with natural flavours and fresh, exotic ingredients drives category growth. The new luxury is honest, creative and flavourful. There’s an enduring quest for novelties, tailored to specific occasions. Personalization (creating your own fresh vegetable & fruit juice, soup, etc.) of products is the ultimate manifestation of this.

Anyplace, anytime, anywhere

anyplace anytime anywhere

To increase the consumption of fresh vegetables & fruits, we need to ensure that healthy options are available at every F&B location. We’ll seduce consumers with recognizable tastes from nature and a wide range of products that suit everyone's taste and premium, along with ultrafresh quality.

directly from nature

nature is our source

Consumers are looking for more authentic and flavourful food and beverages. Fresh products, direct from nature, with no unnecessary additives are the most accepted. Therefore, consistently explaining where products come from and how they are made helps them to make the right choice adapted to their need.