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Fruity Line is the specialist for your fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. Our keywords are fresh, ‘raw’, sustainable, cold pressed and high pressure processing. Every day, we squeeze and purée tens of thousands of kilos of fresh vegetables and fruit.
Fruity Line is a no-nonsense company with a hands-on mentality. In 1992, we started to develop and produce ultra-fresh juices and smoothies. We use our know-how and drive to always look for innovative products and techniques. This way, we continuously encourage the demand for fresh and healthy convenience products.

Fruity Line offers full service. This means selecting the best raw materials across the globe, producing premium fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies and offering the freshly squeezed juices to the consumer. In us, you will find a flexible, innovative and accessible partner. We anticipate your needs and build a long-term partnership with you.


Fruity Line develops and produces innovative healthy juices and smoothies for leading players in the food market.



Fruity Line is a trendsetter in the global market of fresh, surprising and responsible beverages. With passion and expertise we bring healthy cold-pressed juices and smoothies within everyone’s reach.


Since 1992, our team has been gaining experience in developing and producing fresh juices. In 2008, Fruity Line was founded and we began producing fresh, premium fruit juices and smoothies.
In 2009, we started to use the High Pressure Processing technique (HPP). This unique technique provides the best fresh experience, longer shelf life than homemade juices and smoothies and maximum food safety. We are continuously investing in all facets of our company to continue to meet growing market demand.

With the introduction of fresh concepts such as vegetable juices, coconut water and super fruits, Fruity Line is the innovative market leader within the segment of premium fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies.


Fruity Line has all necessary certificates: BRC, IFS, Skal, Fair Trade and GMP+. Our employees are extremely driven and disciplined. They carry out inspections during all process steps to assure excellent quality. Our internal quality service continuously guarantees the quality of all our products. Furthermore, the juices are frequently analysed by external bacteriological inspection agencies. We guarantee that our juices are safe, hygienic and of the highest quality.

All the growers Fruity Line works with are GlobalG.A.P. certified. All the vegetables and fruit meet the strict requirements defined by GlobalG.A.P. with respect to food safety, sustainability and quality. The suppliers deliver in accordance with our quality requirements. This way you are assured that the juices and smoothies meet the highest quality and safety requirements.


Fruity Line delivers ultra-fresh juices of premium quality. Our production process guarantees that our juices have a longer shelf life than unprocessed juices. The socially responsible result includes less loss of product, fuller pallets and optimal logistics. In addition, our juices contribute to the intrinsic value: pure and better for your health.

Fruity Line believes that dealing responsibly with energy and the environment is of paramount importance. For instance, we process vegetable and fruit waste into animal food, we separate waste streams, ensure optimum insulation of the cold-rooms and recover residual heat through heat pumps. In addition, the majority of the raw materials are shipped to the ports of Antwerp or Rotterdam by boat. These steps allow us to reduce CO2-emissions to a minimum and this way we aim to perform better as a company every year.

We produce part of our bottles within our own production facility. Producing bottles ourselves leads to less transportation costs compared to having bottles shipped over that are manufactured elsewhere. It is better for the environment, there is less emission and there are more possibilities for the customer. In addition, our transport fleet also contains electric vehicles.
Fruity Line has a transparent sourcing and distribution chain. We offer you instruments to configure that chain in a sustainable way and we proactively contribute ideas. From sourcing the best raw materials across the globe to offering the fresh concept to the consumer.

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