Boost your day


Fresh fruit and vegetable cold pressed shots


At Fruity Line, we have various shots in our assortment. These are bottles of juice of 60 ml or 125 ml with strong flavours and ingredients. These shots give your day a boost! Besides drinking them as a shot, but you can also add them to your homemade smoothie, sparkling water or other drinks. Mix it up!

A big favorite is our shot with ginger. Ginger is a spice which is becoming increasingly popular. It has a sharp and spicy flavour, so this shot really provide a boost. We also have shots with ‘benefits’ such as the vitamin C and vitamin D shot: 100 % of your RDA in a bottle!

Also popular are our veggie boost shots. These are shots with a very high vegetable content, up to 104 grams per bottle. These shots make it easy for you to achieve your recommended daily intake of vegetables. We are continually developing new powershots with fruit, vegetables and herbs. All aimed at giving you the boost of vitality!