Sourcing and Production process

Sourcing and process

We provide the entire sourcing for you. Fruity Line has a strong grip on the distribution chain. We select the best raw materials, directly at the grower, across the globe. We have clear and direct contact with our suppliers. The origin of all our producers is known. This gives us insight into the entire production process, from raw material to end product.

Fruity Line only works with growers and certified importers and wholesalers. We only process raw materials that are GlobalG.A.P.-certified. They meet the strict requirements defined by GlobalG.A.P. with respect to food safety, sustainability and quality. In addition, Fruity Line can source organic raw materials for you.

We source the raw materials from across the globe. Sourcing depends on the harvest period, seasons and availability. Selecting only the best vegetables and fruit is what underpins the high quality standard of our juices and smoothies. Sourcing is a dynamic process: continuously optimising the procurement flows, finding new raw materials and making sustainable agreements with partners.

Squeezing and cold-pressing

On the conveyor belt, fruit and vegetables are washed first. The vegetables and fruit are then pureed, after which the juice is cold-pressed out. This process preserves the rich flavour, vitamins and nutrients to an optimal extent. The entire production process is refrigerated and subjected to strict hygienic inspections. The core temperature of the product never exceeds 7 °C. An automatic cleaning process takes place between every product we make. We can handle a large capacity of over tens of thousands of bottles per hour. This is how our freshly cold-pressed juice is made.



After squeezing and puréeing the vegetables and fruit, the juices are mixed and filled in accordance with the recipe. Accurate weighing machines and our disciplined work method guarantee that you receive the right composition. The filled bottles are placed in special crates and assigned a registration code to assure traceability.

High pressure processing

HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a mild preservation technique. The filled bottles are placed in the tubes of the machine. The machine is subsequently sealed air-tight and the cold water pressure is increased to a maximum of 6000 bar. This high pressure processing eliminates yeasts and bacteria without affecting the fresh flavour, vitamins and nutritional value. The recipe determines the pressure and processing time in the machine.

The high pressure method involves many benefits:
– the ultra-fresh flavour remains preserved from beginning to end
– it provides optimal preservation of vitamins, nutrients and flavour
– the cold pressed premium juices remain raw
– the product meets the highest quality and safety requirements
– the juice has an average shelf life of seven times the shelf life of home-made juices
– there is no heating involved
– it offers more sales opportunities
– it offers innovation opportunities


After high pressure processing, the bottles are labelled with your own private label or the Fruity Line label with an expiration date and are prepared for shipment. There is one last quality check prior to shipment.
You can develop your own labels in accordance with all legal requirements. Fruity Line has a specialised team that can help you with this. In addition, Fruity Line has a complete line of private brand labels to instantly provide you with a solid fresh concept.