Fruity Line - fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies

Raw, cold pressed, HPP-treated juices and smoothies

Fruity Line is a European producer of freshly squeezed premium fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. We provide concepts for (air) catering, wholesalers, food service, out of home and organized retail.


Fruity Line is producer of fresh, premium fruit and vegetable juices in Europe. We deliver concepts for (air)catering, wholesalers, foodservice, out of home and retail. Our premium juices contain fresh fruit and vegetables with the Global G.A.P. certificate. We use a unique cold pressed technology which keeps the fruit and vegetable juices ‘raw’.

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Vitamins, nutrients, and the pure taste of fresh remain preserved. The innovative high-pressure preservation method guarantees you an optimum fresh experience, longer shelf life and maximum food safety. The premium juices meet the highest quality standards.


Premium-Säfte sind gefragt

Fruity Line will in Deutschland auch Öko-Anteil ausbauen Ochten. Fruity Line hat sich auf die Herstellung von frisch gepressten Fruchtsäften, Smoothies und Gemüsesäften spezialisiert. Mit der Distribution nach Deutschland zeigt sich der Betrieb zufrieden. „Die Nachfrage

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4051 CE Ochten, Nederland

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